Little Mermaid, Ariel inspired mouse ears. One of the ear is inspired by Ariel's tail and the other ear is inspired by her shell top. The shell top inspired ear is trimmed and outlined with iridescent pearl. Ariel inspired mouse ear is adorned with a red bow and real shell center. Choice is yours to have a pearl coat or glitterly purple coat on the shell itself. 


Both headbands are 1" at the thickest part and are wrapped in the same satin purple fabric as one of the ears. All Alohani ears are lined with velvet for extra comfort.


Here are the size details:

  •  Adult Size fits teens and up
  • Kids size fits most kids 2 years and up. The size of the ear is smaller than the adult ears and have a smaller headband
  • Toddler size has the same ear size as the kids, but elastic band is added to the end of the ears for a tighter fit. It fits most babies 9 months and up. As they grow older, the elastic bands can be snipped off. We recommend getting the toddler size if uncertain of the size.



Click here for Mommy and Me set. 

Ariel Inspired Mouse Ear