We're about to break the internet with these cute Vanellope cookie medal headband set. This is a semi-custom list where you can choose to have 2 headbands with 1 heart each (as shown), or 1 headband with both hearts (like ears), or have 1 headband and 1 heart that has a front and a back. 


Each headband is super lightweight; weighing less than 1.5oz. The headband is super comfortable and can fit toddlers 12 months and up. Each heart is about 3" tall from end to end of the heart.


Headbands are 1" at the thickest part and are wrapped in the black felt. You may select a different color felt to be wrapped around the headband. All Alohani headbands are lined with velvet for extra comfort.

Cookie Medal Felt Character Headband - Semi Custom

Headband Felt Wrap Color