Customize your Felt Character Headband. 


Please note that the size of the characters will be the same as the existing characters. Approximately 3" tall from base to tip of character ear (if it's a mouse shape). For non-mouse shapes, they are approximately 2.5" tall from base to top of character not counting the apple stick, additional ears/horns. 


The headband will be 1" at the thickest part and will be wrapped in your color choice of felt. All Alohani headbands are lined with velvet for extra comfort. The finished product will weigh less than 1.5 oz. 


In the open text portion, please let me know what character you're looking for. If there is a specific part about the character you like, please include those details as well. I may reach out to you for more information via the email you provide. 

Custom Felt Character Headband

Headband Felt Wrap Color