Represent your team at the parks or while you tailgate! 

There are so many teams out there, we’ll continually add team fabrics and find your team prints if you don’t already see it. Just let us know. 

Some team prints have to be custom made and will require a longer turn around time. 

Headbands are the same for all sizes and are 1" at the thickest part and are wrapped in the same team fabric. All Alohani ears are lined with velvet for extra comfort.

Available in 3 sizes: (shown in the toddler size)

 Adult size - fits teens+
The ears are slightly larger than Disney's ears.

 Kids size - fits 3+ years old
The size of the ears is similar in size to Disney's ears.

 Toddler size - fits 9months+
The size of the ears is similar in size to Disney's ears. Elastic band is added to the end of the headband for a tighter fit. Elastic bands can later be cut to become "Kids Size".


(Colors of photos may slightly differ due to monitor settings.)

If you're going to a theme park, don't forget to take off all loose items (including hair accessories) so you don't lose it on the ride. 

This product is fan art and not in anyway endorsed by the creators of Disney.

Want to see more photos? Checkout @Alohani_Creations

Team Mouse Ears