Here are some questions we get asked frequently and answers below. Please give us a chat or send us an email if there are any unanswered questions. We're happy to answer any questions through our Instagram as well!

What's the turn around time?

All Alohani mouse ears are made to order and completely handmade. Yes, even the headband wrap. Our current turn around time is 2-3 weeks for ears to be made. Please add shipping time to estimate the delivery date of your ears.  


How do I order custom ears? 

If you're looking for felt custom ears, please click here .


For all other custom ears, please connect with us through our chat or on Instagram. We'll be happy to work with you on your designs and provide a more accurate quote. 


Can I wear my ears in the rain? 

Alohani ears are quite sturdy and can withstand light sprinkles of rain, but please avoid heavy rain, and do not submerge ears under water. 


How should I clean, handle my ears? 

Please only spot clean Alohani ears. Please do not leave your ears in the car or extreme heat for a long period of time. Although we sew-on secure our ears to headbands, some hot glue is used. 


Can I get on rides with my ears? 

Please comply with the rules of each ride as some rides do not allow any loose objects. For the safety of others, but especially to ensure you don't lose your ears, we highly suggest removing ears for rides.  


What makes Alohani ears special? 

When we say, Ears for the WHOLE Family, we really mean it. We are the first ear shop to create different sizes of ears to accommodate all members of the family. We are especially known for our toddler size which includes the elastic bands at the end of the hard headbands. These elastic bands can later be snipped so that the ears could fit older kids and adults. We are also looking to add ears for our pet family. So be on the lookout for our pet line in the near future. 


Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We're currently not accepting returns or exchanges, but if you have any problems with your order, please contact us.


How can I get updates about new products, sales, and specials? 

Oh we're so happy you asked! Please follow up on Instagram as we always announce all our new product releases and sales through our posts. You can also join our VIP group on Facebook. Here you can connect with other customers, but also get access to specials only for VIP members. 


I'm going on a last minute trip and need the ears asap. What are my options?

We offer two options. 

  1. You can purchase the "Expedite my order" for each ear and upgrade your shipping. When you purchase the "Expedite my order", the ear you want rushed will be made in 1-2 days. 

  2. For Disneyland / Disney California Adventure visitors ONLY. You may purchase the "Hand Delivery" and we will meet you at the park to hand deliver your ears.